Zioła Ojca A.CZ. Klimuszko Herbal Tincture Supporting proper Liver function, 200ml

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Food supplement


The non-alcoholic tincture supports liver function and may influence bile secretion. This supports the process of food breakdown and also helps remove toxic substances from the body, e.g. related to the abuse of drugs or alcohol.

The tincture does not contain alcohol or any synthetic fragrance or flavour compounds.

Artichoke herb protects the liver, and additionally (like mint herb and juniper fruit) regulates bile secretion. Mint herb, hop cone and juniper fruit optimize the digestion process, lemon balm herb and dill fruit have a relaxing effect on the digestive tract. Nettle herb supports the removal of metabolic products by optimizing diuresis.

How to use:

Take 5 ml of tincture (teaspoon) in the morning and 5 ml in the evening. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose (10 ml).


Do not use in small children under 12 years of age, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women, and in people allergic to any of the ingredients. Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A dietary supplement does not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Store in a dry place, at room temperature, out of the reach of children. After opening the bottle, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator. Protect from light.


Water, sweetener - fructose, thickener - distarch phosphate, fruit juices from: apple, blackcurrant, water extracts from: artichoke, nettle, mint, lemon balm, juniper, antioxidant - citric acid, water extracts from: hops, fennel , preservative – potassium sorbate.

Father Klimuszko, known all over the world for his extraordinary abilities, made the city and the monastery where he lived famous. Hundreds of people came to him for herbal and health advice. Father Andrzej helped many people. He left behind recipes for herbal mixtures that are effective in treating almost 130 diseases. The effectiveness of herbs has been confirmed by medical tests.

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