Swanson Magnesium Oil, 237ml


Food supplement


INGREDIENTS: 100% Zachstein™ magnesium chloride

HOW TO USE: 1 ml of Zechstein saturated magnesium chloride solution contains 103 mg of pure magnesium. In the Swanson Magnesium Oil product, 1 ml is equivalent to 8 full sprays of the atomizer. For example, 8 sprays per 1 ml of concentrated magnesium oil (31% of the daily reference intake value), 32 sprays provide 412 mg of pure magnesium.

NOTE: Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only. In some cases, the product may cause skin irritation, discontinue use.

STORAGE: Store at room temperature, out of the reach of small children. The product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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