Palce Lizac Set - Energy for coffee - ORZESZ! classic - natural ghee butter



  • Ghee is a traditional Indian recipe for making butter,
  • it is made by us using the traditional method, we clarify it from 8 to 12 hours (depending on the season, i.e. what our cows eat - grass or hay),
  • ghee comes from the Bieszczady regions from the milk of Polish cows,
  • does not contain gluten, casein and lactose - it is a good alternative for people with intolerance to them,
  • does not burn, has a high smoke point - 260 C⁰,
  • can be consumed by pregnant and lactating women,
  • it is 100% milk fat,
  • contains vitamins A, D, E, K,
  • does not contain bad cholesterol,
  • does not contain preservatives, thickeners, dyes.


Ghee butter can be widely used in the kitchen - it brings out the deep flavour of dishes, emphasizes the aromas of spices, combines flavours in dishes.

  • for frying - does not burn,
  • for cooking - for soups, stewing vegetables and meats, heating,
  • for baking - instead of unhealthy margarine,
  • on a sandwich - instead of ordinary butter.

Ghee butter is also used in cosmetics - thanks to its amazing properties, it is used in massages, skin and hair masks, for cleansing, as a cream.


  • has a lipoid structure - it is absorbed by the cells of the body,
  • is a good transporter of vitamins and microelements through the cell walls to its center,
  • cleanses the digestive system and improves digestion,
  • used for bathing - moisturizes the body,
  • strengthens and improves eyesight - cleansing treatments and so-called eye baths in ghee butter,
  • protects the gastric mucosa,
  • dissolves toxins and deposits in the body,
  • strengthens the immune system,
  • has a positive effect on neural connections,
  • improves brain function.

Walnut cream ORZESZ! it's a delicious spread. It is a healthier substitute for sweet chocolate-nut creams, which have been popular on Polish tables for a long time. You can use it for sweet desserts, pancakes, pancakes, waffles, cakes, for a sandwich, a roll, and even eat it with a spoon straight from the jar.

We have been spreading it on our children's pancakes for years, and they eat it with a smile on their faces. That is why we decided to share our sweet and healthy cream with the world.

Over the years, the recipe of the ORZESZ! is based on selected high-quality ingredients - coffee energy and hazelnuts from our friends from Tree Nuts.

Fat, healthy, tasty - the perfect combination that makes you lick your fingers! 😊

  • suitable for people on a ketogenic diet,
  • free from gluten, lactose, casein and sugar,
    Simple composition: hazelnuts, energy for coffee ( ghee clarified butter , coconut oil, cardamom , cinnamon , vanilla), carob, date syrup and cinnamon,
  • does not contain preservatives, dyes, thickeners,
  • Can be consumed by pregnant and lactating women
  • Does not require refrigeration.

The expiration date is one year from the date of manufacture.

You do not need to store ghee in the fridge, room temperature is optimal for it. Our product is natural and seasonal, which is why it can have a different consistency in summer and winter - semi-liquid in summer, more compact in winter. The white precipitate is the result of natural processes.

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