Palce Lizac SERIOUSLY! Cheese Ghee Butter 320ml


SERIOUSLY! Cheese butter is still ghee, and yet it tastes and smells like smoked cheese, which makes it unique.
It fits perfectly with popcorn, enhances the taste of fried dishes or replaces the taste and aroma of cheese, especially when it is missing in the kitchen ... It is the only such product in Europe.

Coming soon in alternative but equally delicious flavours.


  • it is made by us using the traditional method, we clarify it from 8 to 12 hours (depending on the season, i.e. what our cows eat - grass or hay),
  • ghee comes from regions with milk of Polish cows,
  • does not contain gluten, casein and lactose - it is a good alternative for people with intolerance to them,
  • does not burn, has a high smoke point - 260 C⁰,
  • it is 100% milk fat,
  • does not contain preservatives, thickeners, dyes.


SERIOUSLY! Cheese ghee can be widely used in the kitchen - it brings out the deep flavour of dishes, emphasizes the aromas of spices, combines flavours in dishes.

  • for frying - does not burn,
  • for cooking - for soups, stewing vegetables and meats, heating,
  • for baking - it will spice up the taste of each casserole,
  • on a sandwich - instead of ordinary butter.


Nutritional value in 100g portion 5g
Energy value 3675(kJ) / 894(kcal) 183(kJ) / 44 (kcal)
Fat 100
Saturated fatty acids 73
Carbohydrates 0
fiber 0
Protein 0
Salt 0.15

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