Real cocoa drink of the gods 150 g

Ingredients:  non-fat cocoa mass 100%
net weight  : 150 g
country of origin of cocoa beans:  Peru
type of beans:  Criollo


A bar of Real Cocoa allows you to prepare about 5 liters of drink.

It was made in our Manufacture from the highest quality grains from the Amazon rainforest.


It is the highest quality non-defatted cocoa significantly different from the commonly known cocoa powder.

Cocoa in its full form is extremely healthy and has a positive effect on well-being.


A bar of cocoa, now known as ceremonial cocoa, is used to prepare a fat cocoa drink with valuable nutritional and health-promoting properties.

Real Cocoa increases blood production, supplements minerals, thanks to their easy assimilation, has a beneficial effect on the heart and brain, and above all, significantly improves the mood!


Cocoa beans

Real Cocoa is made from 100% cocoa beans. The variety of beans we use is Criollo - considered the best in the world and the most exclusive in terms of quality. It is also the oldest variety of cocoa beans - it accounts for only 5% of the cocoa beans on the cocoa market.

The drink of the gods

– 6 tablespoons (approx. 30g) of Real Cocoa,
– 1 litre of water



For 1 litre of water, grate 4 tablespoons of cocoa.
Bring the water to a boil, then add the grated cocoa.
Cocoa should be cooked under cover for about 35 minutes.

Real cocoa, and ceremonial cocoa

Is Real Cocoa the same as Ceremonial Cocoa? Of course, ceremonial cocoa is an increasingly popular term for the Real Cocoa that we produce in our manufacture. This term is most accurate, because the consumption of real, aromatic cocoa is a ceremony that will allow you to calm down, relax and calm your thoughts. Daily drinking of Real Cocoa helps to improve the quality of life in the spirit of slow food, health and good mood. In addition, ceremonial cocoa has an anti-stress effect, e.g. thanks to the theobromine contained in it.


Nutritional and energy values

The nutritional value of the product per 100 g product
Energy value 2689 kJ/652 kcal
Fats 59,64 g
– including saturated fatty acids 36,64 g
Carbohydrates 8,7 g
- including sugars 1,0 g
fiber 14,7 g
Protein 12,76 g
Sun 0,008 g
Product nutrients 100 g of the product contains
Phosphorus 523,7 mg
Iron 4,69 mg
Magnesium 289,56 mg
Potassium 725,61 mg
Mangan 3,1 mg
Zinc 5,42 mg

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