RADIANT Mineral Foundation Golden Light


Golden shades are designed for women with warm beauty type. They are dominated by notes of yellow with a touch of olive tones.

Golden Light radiant foundation is ideally created for women with beige complexion with delicate golden undertones. It is easy to apply, gives a sense of lightness and a natural look.


Annabelle Minerals Radiant foundation refill in paper packaging. The effect of glowing  skin and optical reduction of fine lines plus  SPF 20 - for all skin types, especially for dull and non-radiant.

Are you wondering how to minimize the use of disposable plastic in your makeup? Bet on mineral cosmetics in ecological refill packaging.

You will get your favorite Annabelle Minerals foundation in a jar made of 100% unstained paper. Just pour the product  into a reusable jar and make sure that the paper packaging goes to the appropriate bin for paper.

It will be processed and you will join the #lesswaste movement, which we encourage you to do!
Mineral foundation in the radiant formula evens out skin tone and subtly illuminates it. The complexion looks more fresh  and rested.

Radiant foundation provides the effect of soft focus. It is almost imperceptible and does not clog pores. Offers sun protection at 20 SPF.


Radiant mica, matte zinc dioxide, titanium dioxide providing UVA/UVB protection with SPF value of 20 and iron oxide – ultramarine coloring ensure a safe and lasting makeup, improving both your appearance and spirits.

This is the most universal of Annabelle Minerals mineral foundation formulas. Especially recommended for people with dull and greyish  skin.

Provides long-lasting, natural-looking makeup. 

INCI: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Tin Oxide, [+/-] CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499



Annabelle Minerals mineral foundation application is most convenient using a designated foundation brush: Flat Top, Kabuki, Short Top, or Softie L makeup sponge.

Loose mineral foundation can be applied both dry and wet.

To apply the foundation wet, simply spray the brush with thermal water or hydrolate and then gently dip it into the cosmetic. Foundations consistency will become creamy.

Should you prefer dry application, then:

  1. Pour a small amount of the foundation on the lid of the cosmetic jar;
  2. Delicately touching the selected brush the surface of the cosmetic;
  3. Tap off any excess against the top of your hand;
  4. Apply a thin layer of foundation to your face with a circular motion, directing the brush from inner to the outer areas of the face, which will ensure uniform application without unevenness;
  5. Remember to apply the foundation beyond the jawline;
  6. Should you consider the coverage to be too delicate, repeat the above actions until you achieve the desired effect.

You will achieve a natural effect a few minutes after applying foundation, when the minerals blend with your skin

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