Palce Lizac Coffee energy 220 ml


Coffee energy is an essential element of bulletproof coffee!

clarified butter + coconut oil + additives

Weight: 220 ml


Energy for coffee is a composition based on ghee clarified butter with unrefined coconut oil , Indian cardamom and cinnamon and a stick of Madagascar vanilla .


Created especially for the so-called bulletproof coffee is a real boost of energy . As a result, coffee does not acidify the body so much , it does not rinse out minerals, stimulates the metabolism and  accelerates fat burning. A great choice before training or any kind of exertion.

It tastes best when you add it to coffee and ... blend it !



  • coconut oil ,
  • clarified butter ghee ,
  • cardamom,
  • cinnamon,
  • vanilla.



  • does not burn , has a high smoke point - 260 C⁰,
  • can be consumed by pregnant and lactating women ,
  • is 100% milk fat,
  • contains vitamins A, D, E, K ,
  • does not contain bad cholesterol,
  • does not contain preservatives, thickeners or dyes.

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