Palce Lizac Nutmeg 3 pcs.

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Nutmeg has a sharp and tart taste, not everyone likes it, but its properties cannot be overestimated. The famous nutmeg is simply the fruit that grows on the nutmeg tree ( Myristica fragrans ). The plant comes from the Malay Archipelago, but nowadays it is also cultivated in India, from where we import it for you.

It has a warming, astringent, calming and diastolic effect, it is also a natural aphrodisiac. In Ayurvedic medicine, the knob improves the absorption of food by affecting the small intestine. So it pairs well with ginger and cardamom.

Nutmeg also helps to calm the mind. You can add it to herbal mixtures for nerves or drink it before bedtime with hot milk. However, when used in excess, it can lead to dementia and hallucinations.

In the case of nervous indigestion (so-called gastric neurosis), you can combine nutmeg with dried ginger and drink such a hot infusion immediately after a meal and before bedtime. Due to the relief of abdominal cramps, it can also be used for painful menstruation.

Nutmeg is an ingredient of many spice mixes in Indian and Polish cuisine. It can be added to bulletproof coffee, warming teas, sauces and soups, it also works great in meat dishes and desserts.


"Do not grind nutmeg in an ordinary electric grinder. It is very hard and compact. Grate it on a grater. The grinder will thank you."

The package contains 3 pcs. nutmeg.

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