Now Foods PAU D'ARCO - extract 59 ml

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Food supplement

Pau D'Arco liquid extract is a natural preparation obtained from the inner bark of the Tabebuia Impetiginosa tree. 

Pau d'Arco, when used internally, supports the body's immune system and significantly reduces and regulates blood sugar levels (improves blood circulation). 

Using the preparation in combination with a vegetarian diet based on natural food supports its effect. When used externally, it cares for skin prone to fungal lesions. As a tonic, it soothes irritations, regenerates and restores the skin's healthy appearance.

Content: 59 ml

Daily intake: 1-2 droppers 1-2 times a day


Hydroalcoholic Pau D'Arco extract, grain alcohol, vegetable glycerin, distilled water.

Contents of the dropper with a capacity of approx. 0.8 ml (approx. 20 drops): 0.48 ml of Pau d'Arco extract (100% concentration).

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