Now Foods Full Spectrum Minerals, 120 capsules

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Food supplement

  • all the most important minerals
  • good digestible forms

NOW® Full Spectrum Mineral Caps is a comprehensive combination of the most important minerals necessary for the human body. This formula contains specially selected - recommended doses of essential minerals, including calcium for strong bones and teeth and zinc to support the immune system.* Additionally, Full Spectrum Mineral Caps is a supplement that does not contain iron and contains such an important ingredient as iodine in in a well-absorbed form as potassium iodide.

INGREDIENTS:  Calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, potassium iodide, magnesium citrate, potassium chloride, zinc bisglycinate, copper bisglycinate, manganese bisglycinate, L-selenomethionine, chromium picolinate, sodium molybdate (VI), cholecalciferol, rice flour (filling agent), vegetable magnesium salts of fatty acids (anti-caking agent), gelatin (capsule).

All raw materials included in the powdered product are "GE-free" (they have not been subjected to genetic engineering); have not been subjected to high-energy processing (such as irradiation or microwave treatment) and do not contain any flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives.

USE:  2 capsules a day with a meal.

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. The product cannot be used as a substitute for a properly varied diet.

The product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

STORAGE: at room temperature, out of the reach of small children

PACKAGING: 120 capsules

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