Now Foods Extra Strength PQQ 40 mg 50 capsules

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Food supplement

    • High quality
    • With added ALA
    • Nervous system support
    • Supports the work of mitochondria
    • Supports antioxidant activity

    Now Foods PQQ 40mg Extra Strength 50 capsules  is a high-quality supplement containing PQQ enriched with alpha lipoic acid. It has many health-promoting properties for the human body, such as supporting the functioning of mitochondria, the nervous system and the cardiovascular system.

    PQQ -  It is a pyrroloquinoline quinone that has a strong antioxidant effect that helps fight free radicals. Due to its structure and action, it is a vitamin-like substance. It works at the mitochondrial level, supports cognitive functions and can inhibit neurodegenerative processes.

    ALA -  Alpha-lipoic acid can be produced in the body, which is why it is not classified as a vitamin even though its action is very similar. As a coenzyme, it plays a very important role in glucose metabolism. ALA also has antioxidant properties and is necessary for the synthesis of acetyl-CoA, which is a key compound involved in energy production.

    Health-promoting properties

    It is a product that has a beneficial effect on energy metabolism and tissue sensitivity to insulin. Supports proper uptake and utilization of glucose. Positive properties on the work of mitochondria affect better cognitive processes, but also ATP production and cellular respiration. Both PQQ and alpha lipoic acid have strong antioxidant properties.

    Now Foods PQQ 40mg Extra Strength  is a high-quality supplement containing a combination of substances beneficial to the health of the human body. This product is recommended for anyone who wants to take comprehensive care of their health. It has positive properties for the nervous system, circulation and proper glycemia.


    Ingredients per serving  (1 capsule)

    PQQ (pyrrolochinolinochinone) (as only dissolved in PQQ) /   40 mg

    Alpha lipoic acid /   200 mg


    Ingredients:  Rice flour, hypromellose (cellulose capsule), magnesium stearate (vegetable source) and silicon dioxide.

    How to use:  Take 1 capsule daily with a meal.

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