Massage Brush for Bust, Neck and Cleavage

£9.44 £10.49

Reverse skin aging with our bust, neck and cleavage brush. 

Regular massage with our brush will improve skin appearance, support blood circulation and help skin keep its natural firmness and elasticity.

How is the neck & cleavage brush different to our body brush?

It's made of soft horse hair, so it's gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. 

How to use the brush?

Use the neck & cleavage brush before shower / bath on dry skin. Massage your skin gently, don't push hard on the brush - it's not supposed to exfoliate.

Material: beech wood brush body with horse hair

Care: Keep brush dry, do not use in water. The brush should be disinfected when necessary and replaced regularly every 4-6 months (depending on wear).

Please note that we cannot accept returns of massage brushes as they fall under the category of intimate, sanitary and hygienic products, health and personal care items.

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