Makeup Sponge Pink Softie M


Medium-sized makeup sponge for applying blush, bronzer, highlighter and mineral powder the "wet" method.

M size makeup sponge for applying powder, blush, bronzer and mineral highlighter using the ""wet"" method.

The Annabelle Minerals sponge was designed to easily spread cosmetics over the skin.

Its appropriate dimensions and shape that adapts to the face allow to create flawless makeup without streaks and unevenness.

1. Before starting makeup, wet the sponge well and squeeze it dry - preferably with paper towel or a cloth. For the sake of hygiene, remember to keep it clean.
2. Pour a little mineral product onto the lid of the jar.
3. Dip Softie into the product, rubbing lightly until it is creamy.
4. Proceed to applying the cosmetic by stamping the face.

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