Makeup Sponge - Mint Softie

£6.21 £6.90

Pear-shaped makeup sponge for applying mineral makeup the wet method.

Pear-shaped make-up sponge for applying mineral cosmetics, including foundation, powder and mineral blush.

You can easily apply it onto larger parts of the face and in the creases.

Thanks to flat ending, you can apply the cosmetic quickly, evenly and without streaks.

With the pointed tip, you can precisely cover hard-to-reach areas, such as the noses and corners of the eyes.

1. Before starting makeup, wet the sponge well and squeeze it dry - preferably with paper towel or a cloth. For the sake of hygiene, remember to keep it clean.
2. Pour a little mineral product onto the lid of the jar.
3. Dip Softie into the product, rubbing lightly until it is creamy.
4. Proceed to applying the cosmetic by stamping the face.

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