Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka SALVITA FOOD SALT 500g Iodized, LESS SODIUM

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  • with reduced sodium content
  • with added potassium


SALVITA iodized food salt with reduced sodium content, with added potassium. It will work in every kitchen. It can be used for raw and cooked dishes. Rich in bioelements that perfectly complement the daily diet.

Salt from the Wieliczka Salt Mine is produced in the process of brewing natural brine from the Wieliczka salt deposits created several million years ago. Wieliczka salt is certified by the Culinary Heritage of Małopolska.

Ingredients/Ingredients:  Evaporated salt - NaCl 75%, Potassium chloride - KCl 25%, Anti-caking agent E536, Enriching substance - potassium iodate, 1 kg of salt contains 39 ± 13 mg/kg of potassium iodate.

  Wieliczka Salt Mine

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