Kopalnia Soli Kłodawa, sol klodawska sól kłodawska Food Stone – Fine-Grained Pink, Non-Iodized, 1kg

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Kłodawa pink rock salt, a spice that improves the taste of dishes, soups, fish, meat and sauces. The iron content is responsible for the peculiar pink color.

Kłodawa pink salt is the purest pink salt, often exceeding the quality of products from the Far East.

A mineral with a high degree of purity, containing the richest source of "elements of life", i.e. microelements necessary for the proper functioning of the human body.

As one of the few salts available on the market,  it does not contain  E 536 (potassium ferrocyanide K4Fe(CN)6).

Kłodawa non-iodized pink rock salt is indispensable in every kitchen. The composition of microelements in Kłodawa rock salt is similar to their content in the human body fluid.

They do not play an energy-producing role, but they control metabolic processes, i.e. metabolism. They also play a significant role in the activity of enzymatic processes necessary for life. Their deficiency, but also their excess, must have an adverse effect on health.


Ingredients:  NaCl (sodium chloride) - 97.0% min.

Producer:  Salt Mine "Kłodawa" SA

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