Konopie i marihuana w kuchni - Małgorzata Szakula


Hemp and marijuana in the kitchen is a manual that comprehensively describes the properties and use of hemp for culinary purposes. The book contains 60 recipes for dishes with hemp and indica (marijuana) as well as theoretical information based on current scientific research on the properties of hemp and indica. It addresses the aspect of using cannabis for preventive, medical and recreational purposes.

The recipes in the book are suitable for people on a variety of diets, including vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and gluten-free recipes. They have been composed so as not only to increase the bioavailability of active substances contained in hemp, but also to support the therapeutic potential of hemp by combining with ingredients rich in nutrients. The meals from the chapter "Marijuana in the kitchen" are suitable for serving medical marijuana to patients , unless the patient has a known food intolerance to any of the ingredients.

In addition to the recipes, the item contains a large dose of knowledge based on current scientific research on the properties of hemp and indica, it touches on the aspect of using hemp for preventive, medical and recreational purposes. It defines how to properly process hemp in the kitchen to obtain its high bioavailability. It presents a wide spectrum of nutrients and medicinal substances contained in hemp and explains the mechanism of their action on the human body.

Hemp and marijuana in the kitchen is a manual for both laymen and enthusiasts of hemp and a healthy lifestyle. He introduces the reader to the world of this unique plant, explaining the basic differences between hemp and indica, revealing the huge potential of its use, and finally, presenting the multitude of culinary uses of various parts of the plant.

The book is divided into 4 chapters:

  • Chapter I is a theoretical introduction (history of cannabis, types of cannabis, use in everyday life)
  • Chapter II describes the author's personal experience with the use of hemp in the kitchen
  • Chapter III is devoted to hemp (describes types of hemp food and their properties, presents the active substances of hemp and their impact on the human body, presents possible culinary uses, contains 30 recipes for dishes with hemp food)
  • Chapter IV is devoted to cannabis (discuss the subject of medical marijuana, describes its impact on the body, addresses the recreational aspect and changes consciousness, describes the process of home decarboxylation, extraction of dried marijuana and the appropriate dosage, explains possible side effects, contains 30 recipes for dishes with extracts from cannabis)

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