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Author: Jerzy Zięba

Publisher: Egida Consulting Sp. z o. o. SJ
ISBN: 978-83-945130-3-0
Number of pages: 456
Dimensions: 148 x 215 mm


From the author

I hereby have the undisguised pleasure to present the second part of "Hidden Therapies". 
In the first part, I promised to describe some important matters regarding unknown aspects of health, which I am doing.  

Due to the ever-spreading misinformation about animal fats and coronary heart disease, in the second part of HIDDEN THERAPIES I explain it much more precisely, revealing the lies that have been accompanying this issue for decades.
Lying to the public as well as to doctors (!) About cholesterol seems boundless. This topic was also treated much more broadly, especially since the pharmaceutical industry perfectly deceived doctors about cholesterol. 
Doctors completely unknowingly commit absolutely scandalous practices regarding its lowering.
The book describes how doctors and patients were deceived. 

Of course, the biggest problem that was constantly coming through in comments or direct conversations was cancer.
There was one thing that was shocking in all these descriptions: the appalling ineffectiveness of academic medicine in treating this disease. 
Doctors and patients will find in the book detailed descriptions of methods or substances thanks to which a person suffering from cancer can be treated much more effectively, safer and cheaper.
The described substances or methods of treating neoplastic disease are carefully hidden from patients and the medical community.

In the chapter on vaccines, facts are disclosed that are not made known to the public.
These facts undoubtedly indicate that the doctors and the parents of the children have been perfidiously defrauded. The book also describes the scandalous, and at the same time not disclosed to the public facts about the health system, which are on the verge of a criminal offense. 
The book also shows how to solve many problems related to the treatment of chronically ill patients.

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