Genactiv Colostrum Powder Pure Natural Immunity, 45g


Food supplement


The super substance COLOSTRUM GENACTIV powder 45 g is pure, unmodified Colostrum bovinum, without any additives. The substance and the measuring cup are closed in a convenient, tight can with a "Quality Guarantee" seal. Colostrum bovinum contains 250 active ingredients, including lactoferrin, lysozyme and immunoglobulins.

Why will you love Colostrum Genactiv?

  • Naturalness  - Colostrum Genactiv is pure, unprocessed, without additives and 100% true to nature. In one word, the best.
  • Convenient can form  - You can choose our supplements in a convenient form. In the can you will find pure colostrum bovinum.
  • Natural taste  - Pure freeze-dried Colostrum makes this product great for everyone.

Dosage (children, adults) Colostrum Genactiv, powder, 45g can

Half a measuring cup (0.5 g) twice a day after consulting a doctor. Pour the contents of the measuring cup directly into your mouth and drink water or mix it with a small amount of liquid or yogurt. Do not pour into hot liquids. The maximum daily portion is 1.5 scoops (1.5 g).

How does the intestinal barrier work?

The basic task of epithelial barriers in the body is to actively maintain polarization, i.e. different environments on both sides.

The intestinal barrier plays a unique role because it is responsible for what enters our bloodstream. When our intestinal barrier is leaky, large food fragments, bacteria and allergens enter the bloodstream. As a result, they may cause inflammation or have a toxic effect on intestinal tissues. The microbiological balance also changes.

Colostrum bovinum has been proven to have a significant impact on restoring the tightness of the intestinal barrier. This is possible because it triggers mechanisms related to reducing inflammation and restoring proper microbiota.

1)Oral Supplementation with Bovine Colostrum Decreases Intestinal Permeability and Stool Concentrations of Zonulin in Athletes

2) Maciej Hałasa, Dominika Maciejewska, Magdalena Baśkiewicz-Hałasa, Bogusław Machaliński, Krzysztof Safranow and Ewa Stachowska.

A healthy gut is:

  • Better mood
  • No more bloating - flat stomach
  • Regular bowel movements = no more intestinal problems
  • Better condition of skin and hair


Nutritional value in 100g / 1 scoop (1000 mg) / 3 scoops (3000 mg)

Energy value (kcal) / 517 / 2.59 / 7.76

Energy value (kJ) / 2160 / 10.8 / 32.55

Protein / 48.7 g / 250 mg / 740 mg

Carbohydrates / 17 g / 80 mg / 206 mg

including sugars / 7.6 g / 40 mg / 290 mg

Fat / 28.2 g / 140 mg / 420 mg

including saturated fatty acids / 18.90 g / 0.0 mg / 290 mg

Fiber / < 0.5 g / 0.0 mg / 0.00 mg

Salt / 0.50 g / 0.0 mg / 0.00 mg


Ingredients:  One scoop contains: colostrum bovinum lyophilisate - 1000mg

Store the preparation in a dry place, at a temperature below 25 degrees C. , in a place inaccessible and invisible to small children. Do not use the preparation after its expiry date.

Do not use the product in case of hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the preparation. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended - this is the basis for the proper functioning of the body (!). A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

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