Palce Lizac Fennel 15g


This variety of fennel, known in Europe as fennel, also grows in India and from there we import the seeds of this wonderful plant ( Foeniculum vulgaris ). The taste of fennel is often described as slightly minty, due to its cooling properties.

Why is fennel called miraculous? Because we associate it with childhood and teas for digestion. Any indigestion ended with a fennel infusion. Ayurvedic medicine gives fennel for disorders of the digestive system, but also the nervous and urinary systems. And this is due to the beneficial effects of dill, which include stimulating digestion, relaxing, stimulating, diuretic. Fennel is considered one of the most effective herbs to strengthen the digestive fire. In addition, it calms the nerves and its scent stimulates the mind. That is why fennel tea should become a permanent part of our menu.

Ayurvedic medicine also recommends fennel to eliminate colic, to induce menstruation and to increase milk production in nursing mothers. It should be remembered that dill has a cooling effect, so in winter we use it a little less.

We brew fennel as a tea, we can add fenugreek and cumin to it. Roasted dill is added to cucumber salad in India (although there it is called raita and is drunk rather than eaten as a salad).

Cumin belongs to the same family of plants, it also has similar properties, but the taste is definitely different.


"After a meal, one teaspoon of roasted seeds (optionally with salt) will help the digestive system cope with the food. In India, it is common for customers to chew on a portion of fennel after eating in restaurants. Your digestive system will surely thank you for it."

net weight: 60g

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