Echt Vital Liposomal Vitamin C liquid, 250ml

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Vitamin C,  also known as ascorbic acid, is one of the water-soluble vitamins and is an essential micronutrient for humans. It is necessary for human life and must be supplied with food because the body is unable to produce it.

Vitamin C scavenges free radicals and delays the aging process. It helps in the proper functioning of the immune system and nervous system, in protecting cells against oxidative stress, in the proper production of collagen and increases the absorption of iron in the body.

Vitamin C helps reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue and normalizes energy metabolism. Vitamin C also contributes to the proper functioning of teeth, bones and gums.

The vitamin C contained in the Echt Vital product is obtained from the glucose contained in corn starch in the fermentation process.

Liposomal vitamin C  means that thanks to new and revolutionary formulas, liposomes encapsulate vitamin C and prevent its increased breakdown in the digestive tract, thanks to which vitamin C can be absorbed and optimally processed by the small intestine. Liposomes are fatty sacs that have a hydrophilic and lipophilic part. They contain phospholipids from sunflower (non-GMO) with a high content of phosphatidylcholine.

Ingredients:  water, lecithin (from sunflower - GMO-free), vitamin C, preservative: potassium sorbate*.

Contains no sweeteners or flavors.

*Potassium sorbate (E202) is an organic compound - potassium salt of sorbic acid. Potassium sorbate is commonly used as a preservative that protects food against the growth of mold and fungi. This preservative is considered one of the safest substances added to food. According to research, potassium sorbate is metabolized in the body similarly to fatty acids and is a source of energy. As a result, carbon dioxide and water are produced. Moreover, this substance does not accumulate in the body.

Directions for use : 5 ml a day (625% RWS), (divisions on the dispenser) 15 minutes after a meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Amber glass bottle contains 250 ml - 50 servings of 5 ml.

5 ml is 500 mg of vitamin C in a daily dose

A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. After opening, store in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container for 8 weeks, out of the reach of children.

Country of production:  Germany

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