Palce Lizac Dried Ginger 10g

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Ginger belongs to the ginger family. We use its rhizome, in this case dried and ground ( Zingiber officinale ). We import it from India, where it grows naturally. It has a characteristic sharp, warming taste.

Ginger is good for the digestive and respiratory systems and is a natural stimulant. It works diaphoretic, expectorant, carminative, antiemetic and analgesic.

Ayurvedic medicine defines ginger as the best and purest herb, a universal medicine. It is a natural antidote to what is sweet - when we have eaten dessert, it is worth drinking ginger infusion - or the other way around, when we feel like sweet, but we do not want or cannot reach for it, ginger infusion will eliminate this desire. In turn, ginger with honey will have a positive effect on the immune system.

We add ginger to sauces, coffee and hot drinks. It may as well be brewed alone.

Brewed ginger with turmeric and lemon soothes flatulence, strengthens the heart and stimulates.

It can also be used for pastes and ointments for external use.


"If you overeat a sweet and feel bad, brew yourself some ginger, you will digest the dessert faster and come back to yourself."

net weight: 10g

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