Dr. Jacob's Vitamin K2D3 Oil 20 ml


Vitamin K2D3 Oil 50μg vitamin K2 +25μg vitamin D3 (1000IU) per drop

Vitamin K 2 D 3 oil for bones , muscles and immune system 

dr Jacob's Vitamin K 2 D 3 Oil – for people over the age of 50 who have an increased need for vitamin K 2

  • ✓ 50 µg vitamin K 2 (all-trans MK-7) + 25 µg vitamin D 3 (1000 IU) per drop
  • ✓ Good for bones 1 , muscles 2 and the immune system 3
  • ✓ Optimally bioavailable - fat-soluble, oil-based
  • vitamins ✓ Manufactured in Germany with vitamins from Europe
  • ✓ Vegetarian

20 ml (approx. 640 drops; corresponds to approx. 640 servings)


Why higher doses of vitamin K 2 ?

With increasing age, the body is often exposed to special stressful situations. The need for vitamin K increases. The estimated value for an adequate intake of vitamin K defined by the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) increases significantly from the age of 51 (in men from 70 to 80 µg/day; in women from 60 to 65 µg/day).


That in Dr. Jacob's vitamin K 2 D 3 oil contains long-chain vitamin K 2 (menaquinone-7) and has particularly good bioavailability and a long half-life in the body. Specifically, K 2 has a half-life of about 3 days, which is about 50 times longer than conventional K 1 (about 1-2 hours). Therefore, K 2 can build effective blood levels and unfold its effects throughout the body.

Only 12% have good vitamin D 3 levels

When there is little sun exposure, the body's own production of vitamin D in the skin and the intake from food are usually not sufficient. Accordingly , only 12% of the German population have vitamin D levels of over 75 nmol/l, which experts and the Endokrine Society (one of the oldest and most important medical organizations in the world) consider to be good . 4

The Endocrine Society recommends that adults take 37.5–50 μg (1500–2000 IU) of vitamin D daily. The renowned US Medical Association for Geriatric Medicine even recommends that all people over the age of 70 take 100 μg (4000 IU) of vitamin D daily to ingest to achieve good vitamin D levels of ≥ 75 nmol/l. This corresponds to the daily intake of vitamin D from all sources for people aged 11 and over, which the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has determined to be safe (tolerable).

4 Rabenberg et al. BMC Public Health (2015) 15:641; Good vitamin D levels ≥ 75 nmol/l 25(OH)D, according to Holick et al. J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2011) 96(7):1911-30.

Reduce the risk of falls with vitamin D3

From the age of 60, falls are a risk factor for fractures. An increased risk of falls in old age can also be related to vitamin D supply. A daily intake of 20 µg (800 IU) of vitamin D - from all sources - reduces the risk of falls associated with physical instability and muscle weakness in people aged 60 and over.

In Dr. Jacob's Vitamin K 2 D 3 Oil contains 25 µg (1000 IU) of vitamin D 3 per serving . If necessary, a higher vitamin D dosage can be useful.

The positive health effects of vitamins K 2 and D 3

With the in Dr. Jacob's Vitamin K 2 D 3 Oil contains vitamins K 2 and D 3 , you can make a scientifically proven contribution to your health and to the following normal bodily functions:

With vitamin K:

• support bone maintenance
• support normal blood clotting

With vitamin D:

• support the immune system maintain bones and teeth
• maintain musclefunction 

• support the normal absorption and utilization of calcium


Why do we need the combination of vitamin K 2 and D 3 ?

Vitamin D 3 and vitamin K 2 work together to store calcium in the bones, helping to maintain normal bones. Vitamin D 3 causes the formation of osteocalcin (central protein in bone metabolism). Vitamin K 2 is required to activate osteocalcin. Only activated osteocalcin can actually incorporate calcium into the bones.

Vitamin K 2 also activates MGP, a central calcium-binding protein in the vessel wall and connective tissue. In addition, vitamin K 2 supports normal blood clotting by enabling the formation of both clotting factors and anti-clotting factors, especially protein S. In studies with vitamin K 2 , dosages of 180 µg proved to be particularly effective.

dr Jacob's tip: Vitamin K 2 and D 3 are particularly beneficial in combination with Dr. Jacob's base powder !

Recommended intake: 1 drop a day.

Food supplement

Recommended consumption: 1 drop daily. Ingredients: MCT oil (coconut), antioxidant tocopherol rich extracts (vitamin E of natural origin), menaquinone (vitamin K2, all-trans MK-7), vitamin D3

Expiry date: 31.08.2023

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