Dr. Jacob's Vitamin D3K2 Oil forte 20 ml

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Vitamin D 3 K 2 Oil forte for the immune system, bones  and muscles 

Vitamin D 3 K 2 Oil forte - extra high dose

 50 µg vitamin D 3 (2000 IU) + 50 µg vitamin K 2 per drop
 Best price-dose ratio - 640 portions per pack
 Optimally bioavailable thanks to fat-soluble vitamins in MCT oil (coconut)
 Made in Germany with vitamins from Europe

20 ml (640 servings)

Vitamin D 3 K 2 Oil forte - the optimal vitamin synergy

With the in Dr. Jacob's Vitamin D 3 K 2 oil forte contains vitamins D 3 and K 2 , you can make a scientifically proven contribution to your health and to the following normal bodily functions:

With vitamin D:

  • 1 support the immune system
  • 2 preserve the bones and teeth
  • 3 preserve muscle function
  • support cell division
  • support the normal absorption and utilization of calcium
  • reduce the risk of falls *

* From the age of 60, falls are a risk factor for bone fractures. An increased risk of falls in old age can also be related to vitamin D supply. A daily intake of 20 µg (800 IU) of vitamin D - from all sources - reduces the risk of falls associated with physical instability and muscle weakness in people aged 60 and over.

With vitamin K:

  • 2 support bone maintenance
  • support normal blood clotting


Why Vitamin D 3 K 2 Oil forte ?

Diet can only make a small contribution to vitamin D supply. In order to produce vitamin D, our body needs sufficient exposure to the sun. Especially in months with low UV solar radiation (October to March), with regular office work, bedridden, dark skin color, but also in old age (reduced synthesis), particular attention should be paid to the vitamin D serum level. According to the DGE (German Society for Nutrition), the blood should have a value of at least 50 nmol/l (25-OH vitamin D in the serum). Higher vitamin D intake levels may be indicated for health reasons.

dr Jacob's Vitamin D 3 K 2 Oil forte contains long-chain vitamin K 2 (menaquinone-7). This has a long half-life in the body and is particularly bioavailable. In addition, it has a significantly better stability than vitamin K 1 and is present in the body for up to three days - about 50 times longer than vitamin K 1 .


Content in 1 Portion:

Content per:      1 Portion*          %NRV**

Vitamin D3          50 μg***             1000 %

Vitamin K2          50 μg                     67 %

**nutrient reference values for daily intake;***2000 IU

Extra high dosage: 50μg vitamin D3 (2000 IU) + 50μg vitamin K2 per drop

Food supplement

Recommended dosage: 1 drop daily (from 11 years of age).

Please note: With simultaneous use of vitamin K antagonists (coumarin-type anticoagulants), take only under medical supervision.

Ingredients: MCT oil (coconut) (89%), antioxidant tocopherol rich extracts (vitamin E of natural origin), vitamin D3, menaquinone (vitamin K2, all-trans MK-7). Vegetarian.

Expiry date: 31.12.2023

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