Dr. Jacob's Vitamin D3 oil forte 20 ml

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Optimal price-performance ratio

Best price-serving ratio: 2000 IU = 50μg vitamin D3 per drop = 2 cents (600 drops, 1,200,000 IU)

  • For the immune system, normal bones and teeth
  • High bioavailability ü Only 2 cents per serving
  • Vegetarian

Vitamin D3 Oil for your health
Vitamin D brings a scientifically proven health contribution to normal body functions:
The sun vitamin supports the immune system and is needed for the maintenance of normal muscle function. Furthermore, vitamin D helps to maintain bones and teeth as well as normal calcium levels in the blood. Fresh air, regular exercise and a balanced diet are the basis for a good health. But sometimes the immune system can need a little "extra help".

  • function of the immune system
  • the maintenance of bones and teeth
  • the maintenance of muscle function

Vitamin D3 Oil forte Food supplement

Vitamin D3 used is obtained from UV light irradiation of wool wax (lanolin) derived from the wool of unharmed sheep. Approximately 0.016g of lanolin is used for the production of one bottle of Vitamin D3 Oil.


Recommended dosage: 1 drop daily (from 11 years of age). 1 drop (1 serving) = 50μg vitamin D3 = 1000% of the daily nutrient reference value (NRV) or 250% according to DGE.

Please note: In case of kidney failure, elevated calcium levels (blood or urine) or a tendency to form kidney stones, use only under medical supervision!

Ingredients: MCT oil (coconut) (93%), antioxidant tocopherol rich extracts (vitamin E of natural origin), vitamin D3.

Why vitamin D 3 oil forte?

Diet can only make a small contribution to vitamin D supply. The body's own production of vitamin D depends on sufficient exposure to the sun. This is particularly insufficient in the autumn and winter months. Accordingly, vitamin D levels that are too low are often diagnosed in our latitudes. According to the DGE (German Society for Nutrition), the blood should have a value of at least 50 nmol/l (25-OH vitamin D in the serum). Higher vitamin D intake levels may be indicated for health reasons.

Expiry date: 01.03.2023

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