Dr. Jacob's ReiChi Cafe 180 g

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Delicate blend of Reishi mushrooms, coffee and coconut

  • Exotic enjoyment with Reishi mushroom, espresso coffee, coconut milk and ginseng
  • For good nerves and less fatigue with magnesium and vitamin B12
  • With caffeine from coffee and guarana for a gentle stimulation


The nutrients contained in ReiChi Cafe contribute to the following normal body functions:

  • Energy metabolism and reduction of fatigue (vitamin B12, magnesium)
  • Psychological function and function of the nervous system (vitamin B12, magnesium)
  • Muscle function (magnesium)
  • Maintenance of bones and teeth (magnesium)

ReiChi Cafe awakens the Chi

“Chi” means life force. A person feels great when his “Chi” is naturally flowing.

ReiChi Cafe is named after the Reishi mushroom, which is revered in China as a “mushroom of fortitude” and is mostly enjoyed as a tea.

The secret of ReiChi Cafe lies in the unique blend of Reishi mushroom with its delicate tart flavour, espresso coffee, guarana, ginseng and a creamy mild touch of coconut milk.

Exquisite coffee beans are gently roasted in the Italian style and carefully processed for ReiChi Cafe, so that the rich espresso aroma fully develops. Reishi mushrooms and espresso combine their flavours to create an unforgettable taste enjoyment.

With vitamin B12 and magnesium, ReiChi Cafe contributes to a normal psychological and nervous function and helps to reduce fatigue.

Healthy enjoyment, which strengthens the soul.


ReiChi Energy-Shake

2 tsp ReiChi Cafe, 200 ml soy or oat milk, 1 banana, ½ teaspoon SteviaBase (sweeten to taste), 1 tsp coconut flakes.

Put all ingredients into a large bowl and blend into a creamy mixture with a hand blender. Fill a glass and sprinkle with coconut flakes.

Super fast and delicious!


Instant coffee drink powder with Reishi mushrooms, coconut, plant extract flavours, magnesium and vitamin B12

Recommended consumption: For one cup, pour 125ml of hot water onto 5g of ReiChi Cafe (about 1 heaped teaspoon). Sweeten to taste and add about 30 ml of milk or vegetable drink. To ensure the full release of aroma, mix everything with a manual milk frother. Enjoy 2 cups a day and pay attention to eating a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Ingredients: Coconut milk powder (51%), instant coffee (19%), Reishi mushroom powder and extract (14%), natural flavour (with guarana extract, ginseng extract), magnesium citrate, methylcobalamin (vitamin B12). May contain traces of nuts. Approximately 75mg of natural caffeine per cup (5g).

Fill level depends on technical factors. Please shake before opening.

Expiry date: 17.08.2023

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