Dr. Jacob's Pure Focus 100 tablets

Pure focus

Pure Focus - to support mental performance 1

✓ Good for mental performance 1 , mood and nerves 2
✓ With the innovative sage extract Cognivia™
✓ Caffeine from guarana and polyphenols from green tea
✓ Ashwagandha, L-theanine and magnesium
✓ Vegan

83 g (100 tablets of 830 mg each; corresponds to 50 servings)

Pure Focus - your daily companion for everyday life, studies, work and sport

Do you feel exhausted, tired and listless? Are you often stressed and easily irritated in everyday life?

With only 2 Pure Focus tablets a day, you support your normal mental performance due to the pantothenic acid contained, and thanks to magnesium, the normal function of nerves and psyche (mood) as well as the reduction of tiredness.

The micronutrients contained in Pure Focus contribute to the following normal bodily functions, among others:

• Mental performance and synthesis of some neurotransmitters - pantothenic acid
• Energy metabolism - pantothenic acid and magnesium
• Function of nerves and psyche (mood) - magnesium
• Reduction of fatigue - magnesium

The special ingredients – for your personal focus

Pure Focus contains Cognivia™, Guarana, Green Tea, Ashwagandha and Magnesium.

Cognivia ™
The included Cognivia ™ consists of a special sage leaf extract and microencapsulated essential sage oil. Sage has been known for centuries due to its wide range of uses and is also very popular as a tea.

Cognivia™ is an innovative formulation combining sage leaf extract and microencapsulated sage essential oil. The microencapsulation by acacia fibers protects the sage essential oil from oxidation and dehydration.

In four double-blind studies*, Cognivia™ was able to significantly improve mood and mental performance (memory, concentration, reaction time) in healthy people .

Green tea and L-theanine
The green tea extract contained in Pure Focus supplies valuable polyphenols. The contained L-theanine also occurs naturally in the leaves of green tea and complements the recipe synergistically.

5 Guarana provides caffeine that helps improve focus and alertness. The special feature: Caffeine is released more slowly from guarana, resulting in a milder and longer-lasting caffeine effect 3 .

3 D'Angelo S, Ascione A (2020): Guarana and physical performance: A myth or reality? Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 15(3proc), S539-S551.

Magnesium supports the normal function of nerves and psyche - and thus mood. The Hypro-ri® Magnesium used in Pure Focus is a special form of magnesium. It combines a natural source of magnesium (marine magnesium) with amino acids from rice protein. In this way, the magnesium is particularly readily available for the body - even better than magnesium glycinate or glycerophosphate.

Whether Indian ginseng, sleeping berry or winter cherry - the names stand for Ashwagandha, which is known from Ayurveda. The Ashwagandha extract in Pure Focus contains at least 7% withanolides.

2 tablets of Pure Focus contain 170 mg Cognivia™, 170 mg Green Tea Polyphenols and 60 mg L-Theanine, 100 mg Caffeine, 60 mg Magnesium and 85 mg Ashwagandha.


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Guarana Extract (27%), Green Tea Extract (20%), Cognivia™ (10%) (Sage Extract (Salvia officinalis L.), Acacia Fiber, Sage Oil (Salvia lavendulifolia)), Hypro-ri® Magnesium (10% ) (marine magnesium oxide, rice protein hydrolyzate), ashwagandha extract (5%), liquorice root powder, cellulose bulking agent, ginger powder, sunflower lecithin, L-theanine (4%), palm fat, release agent magnesium salts of fatty acids (vegetable), silica, calcium -D-pantothenate. May contain traces of nuts . Cognivia™ is a trademark of Nexira.


Nutritional values:

Average values ​​per: 2 tablets* 4 tablets*
Cognivia™ 170 mg 340 mg
Green Tea Polyphenols 170 mg 340 mg
caffeine 100 mg 200 mg
Ashwagandha 85 mg 170 mg
L-Theanine 60 mg 120 mg
magnesium 60mg (16%**) 120mg (32%**)
pantothenic acid 3mg (50%**) 6mg (100%**)
silicon 6 mg 12 mg

* 2 tablets = 1 serving; 4 tablets = 2 servings (daily dose); ** Reference Amounts for Daily Intake (NRV)


Consumption recommendation:

Swallow 2 tablets with water 1-2 times daily as needed.

Mandatory note: The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Contains caffeine (200 mg per daily dose). Not recommended for children and pregnant women.

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