Dr. Jacob's Pomegranate Elixir Mediterranean 500 ml

Mediterranean pleasure for healthy circulation 1

dr Jacob's pomegranate elixir Mediterranean for your health 1

✓ Patented tomato extract for blood circulation 1
✓ With live fermented pomegranate polyphenols
✓ Red wine grape extract

500 ml (25 servings)

dr Jacob's pomegranate elixir Mediterranean - the special ingredients

Pomegranate, red grapes and tomato are an important part of Mediterranean life. Each bottle contains:

The best of 41 sun-ripened pomegranates
The juice and pulp have been gently concentrated and contain bioactive, live-fermented pomegranate polyphenols (600 mg per 20 ml - 21-fold concentrated in pomegranate polyphenols).

Patented tomato polyphenol concentrate from around 75 tomatoes
Promotes the normal aggregation of blood platelets (platelet aggregation) and thereby supports healthy blood circulation.
3 g tomato extract per 20 ml 

2 The potassium in Pomegranate Elixir Mediterranean helps maintain normal blood pressure.

Tomato extract for healthy blood circulation 1

Platelets can become “prickly” and thus activate blood clotting, not only as a result of injuries, but also with stress, sport, obesity and high cholesterol levels. 1 The patented tomato extract keeps the blood platelets supple and thus counteracts unwanted clumping in the blood vessels. It does not affect the natural, desired blood clotting in the event of an injury.

The circulation-enhancing effect of the tomato concentrate has been confirmed in eight clinical studies and by the European Food Safety Authority. The effects occur within 1.5 hours in 97% of people and last for 24 hours with regular use.

This positive effect occurs with a daily intake of 3 g WSTC I (contained in 20 ml Pomegranate Elixir Mediterranean ) with 200 ml water.


Functional fruit preparation


Pomegranate 81% (juice and pulp concentrate; partly fermented), water-soluble tomato concentrate WSTC I (12%), tomato paste, grape extract (2%) (contains sulfite ) . May contain traces of nuts .

Manufactured in Germany under the strictest quality control.

Nutritional values:

Average values ​​per: 100ml 1 serving #
calorific value 893kJ/214kcal 179kJ/43kcal (2.1%*)
Fat 0.1g < 0.1g (< 0.1%*)
- hereof: saturated fatty acids <0.1g < 0.1g (< 0.1%*)
carbohydrates 50g 10g (3.8%*)
- of which sugars*** 50g 10g (11.1%*)
protein 2g 0.4g (0.8%*)
Salt 0.1g 0.03g (0.4%*)
potassium 2000mg (100%**) 400mg (20%**)


Average values ​​per: 100ml 1 serving #
WSTC I Tomato Concentrate 15g 3g
polyphenols**** 4000 mg 800 mg
thereof pomegranate polyphenols 3000 mg 600 mg

Values ​​are subject to the usual fluctuations for natural products.
# 1 serving: 20 ml Mediterranean Pomegranate Elixir + 200 ml water
*Reference intake for an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)
**Reference Daily Intakes (NRV);
*** only fruit sugar
**** measured according to Folin-Ciocalteu as gallic acid equivalent.


Consumption recommendation:

Enjoy 20 ml of the fruity-tart fruit concentrate diluted in 200 ml of water daily.

Ensure a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Shake before opening. Once opened, keep for 7 weeks in the refrigerator.

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