Dr. Jacob's Pomegranate Elixir 500 ml

Pomegranate Elixir - packed with polyphenols

dr Jacob's Pomegranate Elixir: Health 1 that you can taste

✓ The original with the best quality since 2004
✓ Genuine, fruity-tart pomegranate taste
✓ Excellent price/polyphenol ratio
✓ 25 times the polyphenol power of the whole pomegranate
✓ Over 80% less sugar than pomegranate juices with the same polyphenol content 2.3
✓ High Bioactivity through patented live fermentation

500 ml (25 servings)

The full spectrum of secondary plant substances

Every bottle of Dr. Jacob's pomegranate elixir contains the juice and pulp of over 50 sun-ripened pomegranates - freshly pressed, carefully processed and concentrated in bioactive, live-fermented pomegranate polyphenols.
The daily portion of 20 ml contains 720 mg polyphenols (of which an average of about 270 mg punicalagins). 1 20ml also contains 400mg of potassium which helps maintain normal blood pressure. Just 10 ml contain about the same amount of polyphenols as 1 glass of fresh pomegranate juice (250 ml) 2,3 .

Our pomegranate elixir – your benefits

  • Heavenly : Intense pomegranate experience from the whole fruit
  • Tested quality : Regular testing of the polyphenol content and the strictest residue controls for pesticides
  • Patented : With live fermentation according to Dr. Jacobs EU patent (EP2132994)

Selected microorganisms, the use of which has a long tradition, can improve bioactivity with their ferments (enzymes) during live fermentation - a kind of natural pre-digestion. In doing so, they break down the fruit's own sugar.


2) Mean values ​​from various analyzes by accredited food laboratories in Germany, e.g. E.g.: pomegranate elixir - GfL, 07/11/2016, batch G294: 38.0 g/l total polyphenols (as gallic acid equivalent).
3) Fischer-Zorn M, Ara V (2007): Pomegranate Juice - Chemical Composition and Possible Adulterations. liquid fruit; 08:386-393.


Pomegranate fruit preparation


Pomegranate 95% (juice & pulp concentrate; partially fermented), elderberry juice concentrate, potassium lactate, natural vanilla flavor, stabilizer citrus pectin, spices. May contain traces of nuts .

Manufactured in Germany under the strictest quality control.

Nutritional values:

Average values ​​per: 100ml 1 serving #  
calorific value 878kJ/206kcal 176kJ/41kcal (2%*)  
Fat <0.5g <0.5g (<0.1%*)  
- hereof: saturated fatty acids <0.1g < 0.1g (< 0.1%*)  
carbohydrates 47g 9g (3.6%*)  
- of which sugars*** 47g 9g (10.4%*)  
protein 0.8g 0.2g (0.3%*)  
Salt 0.04g < 0.01g (< 0.1%*)  
potassium 2000mg (100%**) 400mg (20%**)  


Average values ​​per: 100ml 1 serving #
polyphenols**** 3600 mg 720 mg

Values ​​are subject to the usual fluctuations for natural products.
# 1 Serving: 20ml Pomegranate Elixir + 200ml Water; *Reference Intake (RM) for an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal);
** Reference intakes for daily intake (NRV);
*** only fruit sugar; **** Measured according to Folin-Ciocalteu as gallic acid equivalent


Consumption recommendation:

Enjoy 10-20 ml diluted in 100-200 ml water/sparkling water daily, e.g. B. as a chilled spritzer. 20ml of Pomegranate Elixir contains enough potassium to help maintain normal blood pressure.

Extra tip: Pomegranate ketchup: mix 20 ml of pomegranate elixir with 30 g of tomato paste, 1 tablespoon of olive or linseed oil and some pepper. Delicious as a spread or for dipping. Pomegranate soy yoghurt: Mix 20 ml pomegranate elixir with 100 ml soy drink. Tastes aromatically fresh.

Ensure a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Shake before opening. Once opened it has a shelf life of 7 weeks. Please store in the fridge.

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