Dr. Jacob's Iron Phospholipid For blood formation, concentration and less fatigue, 64 g


Iron Phospholipid - Vital Substances

  • No iron taste, with mango
  • Optimal bioavailability
  • Liposomal iron from Japan
  • Friendly to stomach and intestine
  • Suitable for children from year 1


The contained iron contributes to the following normal body functions:

  • Formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin, oxygen transport
  • Reduction of fatigue
  • Immune system and energy metabolism
  • Cognitive development of children
  • Cognitive function (thinking, concentration)


Liposomal excellent bioavailability - Phospholipids (from the sunflower) enclose the micronised iron in the form of liposomes. Liposomes are similar in structure to our cell membranes.


Easy application and good taste  - Iron Phospholipid from Dr. Jacob’s can be dosed particularly easily and individually with the measuring spoon. Add it to your cereal, yoghurt or stir it into juice or water. The usual, unpleasant metallic taste will not occur. Because Iron Phospholipid does not taste like iron, but like fruity mango.


Friendly to stomach and intestine

The contained vitamin C increases the absorption of iron, vitamin B2 supports the normal iron metabolism and the maintenance of normal mucous membranes, especially in the stomach and intestines.

Food supplement

Recommended consumption: Daily melt 1 level measuring spoon in the mouth or stir it into cereal or a smoothie. Suitable for children from year 1. In case of increased need (adults): Take 2 level measuring spoons daily.


Ingredients: Mango fruit powder (60%), iron phospholipid complex (iron pyrophosphate, sunflower lecithin) (16%), acerola cherry extract, sunflower lecithin, riboflavin. May contain traces of nuts.

 Expiry date: 11.12.2023

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