Dr. Jacob's Iodine drops 20 ml 400 drops

Iodine drops - the vital trace element 

Iodine drops from Dr. Jacob's - for salt-free iodine intake

✓ 150 µg iodine per drop
✓ Good for the thyroid gland 1 and energy metabolism 2
✓ Supports the nervous system 3 and the ability to think 4
✓ Easy dosing – also for children from the age of 10
✓ Microbiologically stable
✓ Vegan

20 ml (approx. 400 drops; corresponds to 400 servings)

Why an iodine product makes sense

Our body is dependent on iodine, but cannot produce it itself and can only store it in small amounts.

Iodine is required for the production of thyroid hormones. These are responsible, among other things, for the regulation of metabolic processes in our body. Due to the breakdown of thyroid hormones, a large part of the iodine is excreted by the body, so that sufficient amounts must always be supplied.

The additional intake of iodine makes sense for vegetarians and vegans in particular, since mainly animal foods such as e.g. As fish and meat, contain iodine.

Germany is an iodine deficiency area

Since iodine is only found in very small amounts in the soil in Germany, it is also lacking in human and animal food. In order to improve the population's iodine intake, iodine is added to animal feed on the one hand and iodised table salt is used on the other. However, the intake of iodine should not be a reason to consume more animal foods or salt.

Iodine from algae can be a sensible and vegan alternative. However, since the iodine content of many types of algae can vary greatly, algae should only be used for iodine supply if the iodine content is clearly declared.

The German Society for Nutrition recommends a daily intake of 180-200 μg iodine for adults, 230 μg for pregnant women and 260 μg for breastfeeding women.

In the iodine drops from Dr. Jacob's contain 150 µg iodine per portion (1 drop). By taking 1-2 iodine drops a day, the daily supply can be ensured and an existing undersupply can be corrected.


Iodine and its positive health effects

With the iodine contained in our iodine drops, you can make the following scientifically proven contribution to your health and normal bodily functions:

  • support thyroid hormone production and thyroid function
  • support the energy metabolism
  • support cognitive function (e.g. concentration, memory, intelligence).
  • support the nervous system

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