Dr. Jacob's Chi-Tea 180 g


Enjoyment and new momentum for your energy metabolism

  • 12 valuable plant extracts
  • Delicately tart and refreshing with green & mate tea as well as green coffee
  • Mango, acerola and winter cherry
  • Magnesium & selected vitamins – for more energy
  • 99% less aluminium than standard green or black tea


„Chi“ means life energy. Chi-Tea contains twelve harmoniously selected, intertwined plant extracts (including green tea & green coffee) as well as magnesium and vitamins.

Guarana, mate tea, birch sugar (xylitol), acerola and winter cherry (ashwagandha) harmonise perfectly with fruity mango and vitalising lime. With magnesium, vitamin C, B2 and B3, Chi-Tea supports the normal energy metabolism and reduces fatigue.

„Chi“ also means breath. Draw new energy in your personal Chi ceremony.


Recommended dosage: For a small cup add 2.5 g of Chi-Tea to approx. 125 ml of hot water (not boiling). Make sure to have a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Ingredients: Xylitol sweetener, magnesium citrate, calcium lactate, acacia gum (soluble fibre), green tea extract (5%), mango powder (5%), acerola cherry powder (2%), guarana extract (2%), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), acidifier malic acid, winter cherry extract (withania somnifera) (2%), mate tea extract (2%), liquorice root extract (2%), natural flavour (with lemon oil and bergamot oil), green coffee extract (1%), turmeric extract, nicotinamide (vitamin B3), riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1).


May contain traces of nuts. Contains approx. 20mg of natural caffeine per cup (2.5g).

Fill level depends on technical factors. Please shake before opening.

Drink powder with xylitol sweetener, green tea, plant plus fruit extracts and vitamins.

Expiry date: 28.03.2023

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