Dr. Jacob's Chi-Cafe free, 250 g


Full aroma & moments of enjoyment whenever you like

  • Green an decaffeinated coffee
  • With magnesium and vitamin B12 for normal function of nerves and psyche
  • Tastes delicately of coconut and Reishi mushroom


Chi-Cafe free offers the full coffee aroma, is decaffeinated and, therefore, an enjoyment at every time of the day.

With its creamy taste of coconut milk, the delicately tart flavour of Reishi mushroom as well as green and decaffeinated coffee, it creates real moments of happiness.


Valuable ingredients

The contained magnesium and vitamin B12 support the normal function of nerves and psyche and help to reduce fatigue. The precious Reishi mushroom is an essential ingredient of the formula: One cup contains 800 mg of Reishi mushroom. In Asia, it has been highly valued for thousands of years. A soluble dietary fibre, which is rich in arabinogalactans, is gently extracted from the plant juice of acacias. Enjoy the freedom of drinking the decaffeinated Chi-Cafe free whenever you like.

Beverage powder with Reishi mushroom, dietary fibre, green and decaffeinated coffee, coconut, magnesium and vitamin B12.


Recommended consumption: For one cup, pour 100ml of hot water onto 5g (approx. 2 teaspoons) of Chi-Cafe free. Sweeten to taste and add approx. 30ml of milk or vegetable drink. To ensure the full release of aroma, mix everything with a manual milk frother.

Pay attention to eating a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Ingredients: Acacia gum (35%, soluble fibre), coconut milk powder (27%), soluble decaffeinated coffee (12%), natural flavour (with ginseng extract), Reishi mushroom powder and extract (10 %), magnesium citrate, green coffee extract (2%, with 45% chlorogenic acid), methylcobalamin (vitamin B12).

Fill level depends on technical factors. Please shake well before opening.

Expiry date: 05.11.2023

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