Dr. Jacob’s Blood Pressure Salt, 250 g


Full taste with 50% less sodium than in table salt

Dr. Jacob’s Blood Pressure Salt is a sodium-reduced mineral salt with potassium chloride and crystal salt from the edge of the Himalayas. Potassium is the quantitatively most important mineral in our nutrition and crucial to every cell of the body. With good cause, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) has doubled its recommended daily intake of potassium from 2g to 4g in 2017.

Dr. Jacob’s Blood Pressure Salt makes it easy to increase the potassium intake while decreasing the sodium intake. It is perfect for a low-salt diet and can be used like table salt.

Sodium-reduced mineral salt mixture

In case of potassium balance disorders, especially in case of renal insufficiency, use only after medical consultation.



Practical tips for reducing salt and increasing potassium intake:

  • Reduce or avoid processed food. Salty spices, sausage, bread, cheese, chips, snacks and convenience food are the main sources of salt.
  • Cook and bake it yourself! Only then you know what's inside.
  • Eat potassium-rich food, which means lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as herbs and nuts.
  • Season your dishes with fresh and dried herbs. Be careful with seasoning mixtures, they often contain salt.
  • Prefer low-sodium mineral water.
  • Pay attention to the salt/sodium content in the table of nutritional values and list of ingredients of food. Also pay attention to the "aliases": Sodium bicarbonate, bicarbonate of soda, sodium chloride, sodium nitrate, monosodium glutamate, pickling salt, etc.
  • Get in regular sweats! Physical activity and sauna promote the salt excretion through the skin.
  • Do not salt your meal while cooking, but only at the table. You need less salt for the same taste.


The raw materials used originate from Germany (minerals) and Pakistan (crystal salt).

Ingredients: Sodium citrate, potassium chloride, crystal salt (20%), magnesium carbonate. May contain traces of peanuts, gluten, almonds, milk, celery and mustard.

Expiry date: 30.09.2024

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