Dr. Jacob’s Alkaline Formula The original citrate based, 300 g


ALKALINE MINERALS - Alkaline Formula since 2000

  • For acid-base metabolism, nails, hair and skin
  • For bones, teeth and blood pressure
  • With 95% organic citrates
  • With vitamin D and silicon
  • Pleasant, neutral flavour without additional sodium


20 year anniversary – in 2000, we developed the concept of low-sodium, high-potassium alkaline formulas based on citrates.

Dr. Jacob’s Alkaline Formula is the richest potassium and lowest sodium Alkaline Formula in Germany with 95% citrates – made from vegetable and mineral raw materials. Citrate is an important, natural component of the cell metabolism.


Refreshing mineral blend for your health
The nutrients contained in Dr. Jacob’s Alkaline Formula can make the following scientifically proven contributions for healthy and normal body functions:

  • Acid-base metabolism (zinc)
  • Maintenance of bones and teeth (calcium, magnesium and vitamin D)
  • Muscle function and nervous system (potassium, magnesium)
  • Maintenance of normal blood pressure (rich in potassium, low in
  • sodium)
  • Energy metabolism and reduction of fatigue (magnesium)
  • Maintenance of nails, hair and skin (zinc)
  • Immune system (vitamin D, zinc)


Tip for athletes: Cologne List® Dr. Jacob’s Alkaline Formula is on the Cologne List®. The Cologne List® is a list of dietary supplements with minimized doping risk, which have been tested by the world’s leading laboratory for doping substances, like anabolic steroids and stimulants.


Dissolve 1 measuring spoon of Alkaline Formula with 200ml of water and add 50–100ml fruit juice (orange, pineapple or passion fruit).

Sparkling Alkaline Lemonade

Pour 1 measuring spoon of Alkaline Formula into a glass, fill with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and 300ml of sparkling water. Sweeten to taste with SteviaBase.

Food supplement

Recommended consumption: For adults and adolescents from 15 years of age: Dissolve one level measuring spoon (MS) à 4.5g of Dr. Jacob’s Alkaline Formula with 300ml of low sodium water or sparkling water 1–2 times a day.

For children from 4 years of age: once a day 0.5 level measuring spoon (2.25g).

For children from 10 years of age: once a day one level measuring spoon (4.5g).


Please note: In case of potassium metabolism disorders (drug-induced), alkalosis, hyperkalemia or kidney failure, use only under medical supervision.

Ingredients: Potassium citrate, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, magnesium carbonate, silicon dioxide, natural flavour, zinc citrate, thiamine hydrochloride, vitamin D3. Fill level depends on technical factors. Shake before use! Store box in a dry place!


Expiry date: 31.07.2024

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