Doctor Life ZINC Optima - Zinc amino acid chelate plus zinc picolinate, 120 capsules

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Food supplement

ZINC Optima - Zinc amino acid chelate plus zinc picolinate 15mg | 120 capsules

  • Without lactose, gluten
  • GMO-free

Supplementing the diet with zinc, supporting the immune system and the health of the entire body.

ZINC -  Supports the proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems and the production of red blood cells, is necessary to obtain the active form of folic acid, and is responsible for many metabolic reactions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

MONOLAURINA -  Has antiseptic properties confirmed by scientific research.


  • Supplements the diet with bioavailable zinc in two of the most researched and effective forms - amino acid chelate and zinc picolinate
  • It has an antioxidant effect and contributes to the proper metabolism of fatty acids
  • Zinc ensures the health of hair, skin, nails, eyesight and skeletal system
  • The formula is additionally enriched with a natural substance with antiseptic properties - monolaurin


Ingredients in a daily portion  (1 capsule)

Zinc /    15 mg

Monolauryna   /   140 mg

*RWS - Reference Intake Value


Ingredients:  monolaurin from coconut oil, zinc (zinc bisglycinate - amino acid chelate; zinc picolinate), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose capsule shell.

Recommended daily intake:  Adults: 1 capsule with a meal

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