Doctor Life Oregano Oil - Wild Oregano Oil 3000 mg, 120 capsules


Food supplement


  • Without lactose, gluten
  • GMO-free

It supports the body's immunity, supports and strengthens against infections and colds.

OREGANO OIL -  Carvacrol, the active ingredient of oregano oil, can provide support for the immune system, has antifungal and antibacterial properties, and supports the healing of wounds, bites and burns. Thanks to the content of phenols, L-ascorbic acid and carotenoids, oregano also has antioxidant properties.


  • Oregano oil has antioxidant properties, increases the body's immunity and cleanses the respiratory system
  • It helps cleanse the lungs of residual secretions
  • Doctor Life oregano oil comes from the natural species Origanum vulgare
  • Obtained from fresh oregano leaves, an aromatic herb obtained from the Mediterranean regions, then pressed in a patented process and closed in a liquid cellulose capsule


Ingredients in a daily portion  (1 capsule / 2 capsules)

Oregano oil (10:1 extract,

equivalent to 1500 mg of oregano leaves) /   150 mg   /   300 mg


Ingredients:  oregano oil (Origanum vulgare); olive oil; gelatin, humectant: glycerol

Recommended daily intake:  1-2 capsules 2 times a day with a meal

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