Doctor Life Lutein Max, 60 capsules


Food supplement


  • Without lactose, gluten
  • GMO-free

Improved vision, proper functioning of the visual organ.

LUTEIN -  It is one of the predominant pigments concentrated in the macula inside the eye, in the area responsible for central vision and visual acuity, its function is to protect against the formation of free radicals.

ZEAXANTHIN -  Located in the retina of the eye, it is an antioxidant and a natural filter that protects the eye against harmful UV radiation.


  • Contains a high amount of natural lutein and zeaxanthin in one capsule obtained from marigold flowers.
  • The formula contains the two most important substances present in the eye that improve vision
  • The active substances contained in the formula were dissolved in sunflower oil, which has additional health benefits and ensures better bioavailability of the ingredients.


Ingredients in a daily portion  (1 capsule)

Lutein /    25 mg


(from marigold petals extract 35 mg) /    5 mg

Turmeric extract /    50 mg


Ingredients:  esters of Tagetes erecta petal extract, including lutein and zeaxanthin; turmeric extract, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, acacia gum, capsule shell: pullulan.

Recommended daily intake:  1 capsule daily with a meal. The supplement is recommended for people who care about the proper functioning of their eyesight.

Packaging:  60 capsules

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