Doctor Life Goat colostrum from the Swiss Alps, 60 capsules

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Goat Colostrum  is organic goat colostrum originating from the Swiss Alps. It comes from several goat farmers in the canton of Graubünden and central Switzerland who obtain goat colostrum in small quantities. Young goats need most of their first milk, so this goat colostrum can be described as an exclusive delicacy. 

Goat colostrum is high-quality and contains all naturally occurring ingredients. The gentle freeze-drying process guarantees high quality of the final product. 

Goat colostrum is collected within the first 18 hours after birth and is as rich in immune factors as cow colostrum. 

Because the proteins and fat globules of goats are smaller than those of cows, goat colostrum is very well tolerated. Thanks to this, it is considered a hypoallergenic product and is a valuable alternative for people who have problems digesting cow's milk proteins.

Colostrum contains hundreds of biologically active substances and immunological compounds in a highly digestible form. The product is suitable for people with intolerance and allergy to cow's milk.

Goat Colostrum contains natural nutrients that may be considered helpful in the diet of people:

  • with reduced immunity and susceptible to colds, flu and infections
  • with vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • with irritable bowel syndrome and symptoms of mycosis
  • with intolerance and allergy to cow's milk
  • with autoimmune problems
  • during the period of development and intensive growth
  • in a state of body exhaustion and convalescence
  • in a state of chronic fatigue
  • suffering from food allergies


Ingredients in a daily portion  (1 capsule / 4 capsules)

Goat colostrum /    500 mg    /    2000 mg


Ingredients:  Colostrum/goat colostrum; capsule (pullulan).

How to use:  1 capsule up to 4 times a day about 30 minutes before meals. Children: the capsule can be opened and its contents poured into a meal. 1 capsule; Goat colostrum 500mg. 4 capsules: Goat Kolostrum 2000mg. Do not exceed the recommended daily portion for consumption during the day. A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended. Store at room temperature away from sunlight, out of the reach of small children. Do not use in case of intolerance (allergy) to any of the ingredients of the supplement.

AGE: no age restrictions

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