Doctor Life Butyrate (Butyric acid) in powder, 90 g


Food supplement

Butyrate - a dietary supplement, is a pre- and post-biotic preparation containing butyrate in the form of Tributyrin, the most bioavailable form of butyric acid, and xylooligosaccharide (XOS)

Tributyrin is a triglyceride containing 3 butyric acid molecules. The unique microencapsulation technology enables slow and gradual release of butyrate, ensuring high bioavailability of butyric acid throughout the entire length of the intestines.

Butyric acid contributes to:

  • Nutrition of colonocytes.
  • It acts as an intestinal barrier.
  • It stimulates intestinal motility and relieves visceral symptoms.
  • Reduces local intestinal inflammation.

The most common butyric acid on the market, in the form of sodium butyrate, is released in the body quite quickly and brings fewer benefits. The advantage of Corbiome® in the form of triglycerides is controlled release, which makes the effects on the body better.

Balanced microbiome.

PreticX® is a non-digestible xylo-oligosaccharide (XOS) supported by over 12 University of California-UCLA clinical studies for gut regeneration and supporting healthy metabolic function. Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) also nourish endogenous probiotic strains of Bifidobacterium, increase butyrate production and reduce LDL cholesterol.

  • PreticX is well tolerated to promote bowel regularity and maintain good digestive health
  • PreticX increases the number of bifidobacteria in the large intestine


Ingredients in a daily portion  (1 scoop 1.5 g)

Corbiome® / 1000 mg

Butyrate (as triglyceride) / 240 mg

including butyric acid / 210 mg

PreticX® XOS Xylooligosaccharides / 500 mg


Ingredients: Sunflower oil, emulsifier: (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids), butyrate triglyceride, natural banana flavor, sunflower husk fiber: XOS (Xylooligosaccharides), stevia.

How to use:  1 heaping scoop (2 ml), preferably directly into the mouth, drinking 3/4 glass of water. Can be dissolved in any drink.

Warnings:  Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.

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