ECO Coverage Mineral Foundation, GOLDEN FAIREST


Golden shades are designed for women with warm beauty type. They are dominated by notes of yellow with a touch of olive tones.

Golden Fairest coverage foundation is the brightest in golden range, ideally suited for women with very fair, slightly yellow complexion. It is easy to apply, gives a sense of lightness and a natural look.


Annabelle Minerals as an ECOLOGICAL alternative. Join us in the #lesswaste movement and reduce the consumption of disposable plastic. Mineral foundations refills  in a paper packaging  with a strainer.

Full coverage and 30SPF – for normal and dry skin

The jar consists of 100% unstained paper, suitable for recycling. Remember to throw it away into a paper waste container after use.

Perfection lies in simplicity. The Annabelle Minerals brand needed only four ingredients to create unique, natural cosmetics.

Illuminating mica, matting zinc oxide, responsible for UVA / UVB protection up to 30 SPF titanium dioxide and coloring iron oxides and ultramarine, provide safe and long-lasting make-up, improving both appearance and well-being.

Forget about clogged pores, non-breathable foundation, poor coverage of...

Mineral foundation in the Coverage formula is the full coverage version of Annabelle Minerals foundation.

It provides high coverage of imperfections: pimples, discoloration and capillaries without burdening the skin.
The cosmetic is intended primarily for normal and dry skin.

Despite the high coverage, it is light and does not clog pores.

Laboratory studies have shown that the mineral foundation in the coverage formula helps to reduce the visibility of pores by 34%.

Natural composition, UV protection at 30 SPF and skincare effect

INCI: Mica, Zinc Oxide, [+/-] CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499


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