Bio Mate Fuel Clasica 330 ml, 8 bottles - 15% OFF


The first yerba mate drink in Poland made from an infusion, not an extract

An ecological drink based on an infusion of the original Paraguayan Yerba Mate and Polish fruit juices.

A healthy energetic, rich in natural caffeine, which will give you energy, refresh your mind and stimulate your body.

  • Ecological drink with a certificate
  • A drink made from the infusion of the original Paraguayan yerba
  • We add juices from Polish NFC fruits

Each bottle contains a pure Yerba Mate infusion and fruit juices - no extracts, just BREATHING AFTER PARAGUAN

Energy value: 110kJ / 26kcal in 100ml
Ingredients: 70% Yerba Clasica infusion *, 15% red currant juice *, 11.5% apple juice *, 3.5% cane sugar *.
* ingredients from organic farming

330ml / 28mg caffeine in 100ml bottle

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