Bio Kombucha Karate RUBĀBU 330 ml, 2 bottles - 5% OFF


An ecological drink based on fermented tea and Polish fruit juices, a natural probiotic and a source of vitamins.

  • Organic and certified unpasteurized kombucha
  • A natural probiotic, supports our immune system
  • Juices from Polish NFC fruits

Kombucha is a strong and strong taste, original recipe, own production and ecological ingredients.

Each bottle contains millions of beneficial bacteria that support our immune system and quench our thirst on hot days.

FERMENTED IN JAPANESE and share the healthiest things with others.


Energy value: 120kJ / 29kcal in 100ml
Ingredients: 70% kombucha (structured water, tea leaven *, cane sugar *, a consortium of microorganisms - kombucha, 0.5% green tea *, 0.5% nettle *), 15% apple juice *, 15% rhubarb juice *
* ingredients from organic farming

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