Palce Lizac Cloves 10g


Cloves are most often associated with warming drinks, but they can do much more in our body and dishes. These dried flower buds ( Caryophyllus aromaticus ) have a pungent, warming flavor and aroma. They come from sunny India.

Cloves are mild aphrodisiacs due to their intense essential oils. They also have an analgesic effect - so when you have a toothache or gum pain, you can use clove essential oil or throw cloves like a gum. Such a throw of cloves will not only eliminate the pain, but also disinfect the oral cavity and refresh the breath - yes, cloves instead of chewing gum work well.

The warming effect of cloves is equally important. In Ayurvedic medicine, cloves are used to treat plasma, muscles, bone marrow and nerves. Cloves can be brewed or tossed for colds, coughs, indigestion, toothache, vomiting, hiccups, pharyngitis, and low blood pressure.

We use cloves in bulletproof coffee, warming infusions and teas, but also in sauces and soups (although then it is better to grind them, because biting a clove in vegetable soup can irritate). It is worth having them with you at all times instead of chewing gum.


"If you have bad breath, chew cloves - they will eliminate the unpleasant smell in the mouth, and at the same time disinfect it."

net weight: 10 g

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