Palce Lizac Cinnamon 10g

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We use every part of the cinnamon tree ( Cinnamomum zeylanicum ) every day - leaves, bark, roots, flowers, fruits - which makes it extremely valuable. The variety we present grows in Sri Lanka, it is the so-called Ceylon cinnamon - with a negligible content of coumarins. Culinary uses its bark, known mainly for its sweet and spicy taste.

Cinnamon is commonly used in Poland in the autumn and winter season for teas and mulled wine. However, it is worth getting acquainted with this herb more broadly, because it has a number of beneficial properties for our body. It is said to be a natural antidepressant. Ayurvedic medicine says that cinnamon has a positive effect on the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and urinary systems. Cinnamon is an effective diaphoretic and expectorant, which is why it is worth reaching for it when suffering from colds. Like ginger, it is considered a universal herb, but unlike ginger, it does not warm you up as much.

Cinnamon strongly stimulates metabolism, so it can be used in a meal or coffee consumed before training. We add it to bulletproof coffee, golden milk and any warming drinks. It also works great in sauces, and in Indian cuisine it's hard to find a dish without the addition of cinnamon. In desserts, it will warm up and enhance the taste.

We use cinnamon in the clarification of vanilla butter and coffee energy, it gives them a unique taste and aroma.


"If you don't like coffee, add cinnamon to it, it will be milder, slightly sweeter and less acidic."

net weight: 10 g

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