Palce Lizac Chilli Flakes 10g

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A very spicy variety of Indian chilli peppers. The essence of Indian taste, although the chilli itself does not come from there. The Portuguese brought spicy peppers to India. However, they quickly settled down and today they are the flagship ingredient of Indian cuisine.


Chilli strongly accelerate metabolism and warm up the liver, so they should be used with caution. Recommended in digestive problems, overweight, but with the reservation of not using in liver problems. Chilli combined with fresh lemon juice is a morning dose of metabolism, which is good to drink near the toilet (just in case).


The spiciness of chilli is due to capsaicin. It has diaphoretic, irritating and warming properties. However, it does not lead to inflammation. It stimulates the production of gastric juices and increases the appetite. And it is capsaicin that gives the beautiful carrot color in ghee with chilli butter.


It goes well with a little black, bitter coffee. It also works well in bulletproof coffee, especially before training.

Chilli works well wherever sharpness of taste or faster metabolism is needed. You can add them to any sauce, soup, meat, drink and desserts.



"Use chillies with caution - they are really very spicy. Do not apply them with your hands. After contact with your hands, wash them quickly. Avoid contact with eyes and nostrils."

net weight: 10g

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