ChemWorld Lugol's liquid 12% Very Strong, 100 ml

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Solution of 12% pure Elemental Iodine PURE, Pure for Analysis, Correctly calculated and created.

Hello!!!! They call me Lugol's iodine, I am a pure form of Iodine, yes, Iodine, you have probably heard that there are many of me at the seaside, that I am helpful in many matters, etc., etc., and it is true. 

Generally, I use it safely, but in larger quantities it can be dangerous, it's like everything that surrounds us, everything needs to be in moderation. I don't know if you remember, but when the Chernobyl disaster happened, I had to help you all, everyone had to drink me in small amounts and in low concentrations, but it was an action. Eeeh, I forgot, not everyone can remember it, if anything, ask your parents, they will tell you exactly what it was like. But let's get back to more important information, many people are trying to create the so-called the original copy, but not many people can do it exactly, here I am calm, it is done correctly. 

If you are interested, I would like to boast that I was born in France, created by a French doctor, Mr. Joan Lugol, in 1829, and to this day I fulfill many important roles in our world. If you have knowledge about me and know exactly how to use my properties, do not hesitate, BUY ME, I can't wait to start working for you.


We decided to renovate the product, improve it and make it more secure, we made the tube more attractive with a professional print, and at the same time we also went more eco-friendly. 

Our new packaging is an ecological tube obtained from recycling. The tube is perfectly fitted to the bottle, which makes the glass bottle in the tube very well protected and safer to transport. 

The aesthetics and appearance emphasize the quality of the product, and we also secure the tube with encoded ChemWorld brand holograms, guaranteeing our recipients that no one has opened the product before. The product looks very nice and is also perfect as a gift. We recommend.

It is used to test the presence of starch in food products by adding a few drops to the tested raw material. Those containing starch turn black-purple or blue-violet under the influence of Lugol's iodine.

  • Lugol's iodine is an aqueous solution of iodine in potassium iodide with a very pure and effective form.
  • Lugol's solution is based on Distilled Water, IODINE and POTASSIUM IODIDE are in the purest form, i.e. PURE (pure for analysis), iodine is inorganic.
  • Created according to the original recipe developed by doctor Jean Lugol, which gives a 100% guarantee of the Original
  • Correctly calculated and created under the supervision of professional chemists, which guarantees correct calculations of the active substance content per 1 ml of the product.
  • Liquid in a brown glass bottle made of special HKL III glass
  • The product has a professional pipette for precise measurement of liquids, the cap is in a bamboo frame.
  • The product is packed in a professional, durable and aesthetic tube to protect the liquid from light and ensure that the product is safely delivered to our recipients.
  • The tube is additionally secured with an original ChemWorld hologram

Content in one drop:  1 drop contains ≈ 6 mg of iodine and ≈ 12 mg of potassium iodide.

Number of drops in 1 ml:  ≈ 20 drops

Ingredients:  water, potassium iodide, iodine

Storage:  Store in a dry, dark and cool place, out of the reach of small children.

Packaging:  dark glass bottle + pipette + tube

Capacity:  100 ml

PRECAUTIONS:  If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, rinse mouth with water. Call for medical help immediately. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them with plenty of water and contact an ophthalmologist immediately. In case of contact with skin, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with water. Immediately immerse contaminated clothing in water and rinse thoroughly.

STORAGE:  Store in a dry, dark and cool place, out of the reach of small children.


Technical data - Iodine:

  • Reagent name:  IODINE
  • Reagent name:  iodine
  • Synonyms:  iodine, iodine, lugola
  • Species:  PURE
  • Total formula:  I2
  • Molar mass [g/mol]:  molecular weight: 253.8
  • Capacity [ml]:  100 ml
  • EC number:  231-442-4
  • CAS number:  7553-56-2
  • Content [%]:  according to the recipe
  • Density:  4940 kg/m3
  • Type:  chemical element, isotope
  • Appearance/form:  crystalline substance with a dark purple color
  • Packaging type:  brown glass bottle
  • Expiry date:  minimum 20 months from delivery of the goods

Technical data - Potassium Iodide:

  • Reagent name:  POTASSIUM IODIDE
  • Reagent name:  potassium iodide
  • Synonyms:  Kalii iodidum, Kalium iodatum
  • Species:  PURE
  • Summary formula:  KI
  • Molar mass [g/mol]:  166.00 g/mol
  • Capacity [ml]:  100 ml
  • EC number:  231-659-4
  • CAS number:  7681-11-0
  • Content [%]:  according to the recipe
  • Density:  3.123 g/cm³, solid
  • Type:  inorganic chemical compound
  • Appearance/form:  white or almost white powder or colorless crystals
  • Packaging type:  brown glass bottle

ChemWorld is a brand whose products are created according to procedures written by professional chemists, we search all over the world for the best and purest forms of substances for our products, the purest and most effective form of our products is carefully prepared and packaged with great care to maintain the highest quality products and services. Moreover, in order to meet the increasing demands of the market and our customers, we choose only certified and proven supply sources.

Chemistry is essential, everything that surrounds us is chemistry, without chemical compounds, substances and the reactions taking place between them, there would be no plants, animals, earth and in all this there would be no us - PEOPLE.

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