Palce Lizac Cardamom in grains 10g

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Cardamom ( Elettaria cardamomum ) grows primarily in southern India, which is more warm, humid and forested, in natural conditions the plant reaches up to 5 meters in height. In cuisines around the world, cardamom is well known for its distinctive sweet and spicy taste.

It is worth mentioning that cardamom has stimulating properties. It is also considered one of the best and safest digestive stimulants. Cardamom improves mood, and Ayurvedic medicine adds that it brightens the mind. It also has a soothing effect on the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems. It can be used in the form of an infusion or as an addition to hot drinks for colds, coughs, hoarseness, but also lack of appetite and indigestion.

Cardamom in combination with milk neutralizes its mucous-forming properties. We also add it to coffee, which reduces its acidity and makes it more easily digestible.

It is widely used in Indian and Arabian cuisine, but we also know it well in Poland. We add cardamom to hot drinks, golden milk, bulletproof coffee, as well as to sauces, soups and desserts (it works great as a sprinkle).

Cardamom is used to clarify vanilla butter and energy for coffee (read more about vanilla ghee butter and energy for coffee ), it adds a delicate sharpness and breaks the sweet aftertaste.


"Grained cardamom works great with any warming drink. It is enough to slightly open the shell (or not) and add to the ginger drink, mulled wine, tea ..."

net weight: 10g

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