Biowen Rhodiola Rosea 420 mg – 1% rosavins and 3% salidrosides – capsules


Rhodiola Rosea:

  • supports the nervous system,
  • reduces fatigue and headaches caused by stress,
  • helps with sleep problems, lack of appetite, decreased productivity,
  • 1% rosavins and 3% salidrosides, 
  • BioPerine® – potentiated by black pepper extract.

60 vegan capsules


Rhodiola Rosea capsules – Ingredients

Rhodiola rosea capsules extract standardized to 1% rosavins and 3% salidrosides, BioPerine® extract from black pepper fruits standardized to 95% piperine, capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.


Rhodiola Rosea capsules dietary supplement – How it works 

Rhodiola Rosea, or golden root, is a highly valued plant classified as an adaptogen. Its popularity is growing especially when one is suffering from spring or winter solstice, or when our physical and mental condition needs natural support. What makes Rhodiola Rosea supplement, a supplement by Biowen, different from other such supplements? 


Rhodiola adaptogen by Biowen owes its properties to the fact that, among other things, it is a supplement standardized to contain very valuable ingredients found in Rhodiola Rosea capsules. We are talking about 1% rosavins and 3% salidrosides. In addition, the capsules not only contain the Rhodiola plant, but also a unique black pepper extract called BioPerine® standardized to 95% piperine. As a result, the properties of the supplement are enhanced and also further naturally supported, offering you additional benefits. 


Rhodiola Rosea capsules – Properties

Learn more about the Rhodiola Rosea capsules supplement, get to know its properties and learn how it works! 

  • supports nutrition and oxygenation of cells and tissues by supporting normal blood system function, 
  • normalizes and supports the digestive system and takes care of its proper condition, 
  • enhances your stamina and good condition of your body, 
  • thanks to antioxidants, it protects body cells, 
  • protects the body during exhaustive stress, 
  • helps you adapt to stressful conditions to better cope with them, 
  • beneficially stimulates the nervous system, 
  • has a good effect on your mood when you have a headache due to stress and fatigue, 
  • supports good sleep and helps fight poor appetite, 
  • is a great support when you have problems with productivity at work, 
  • supports mental health, 
  • has a beneficial effect on potency, 
  • protects the cardiovascular system, because it helps you deal with stress in a healthy way. 


Rhodiola capsules by Biowen are more than just Rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola Rosea capsules also contains BioPerine® extract, which reinforces the above benefits of this adaptogen, but also adds more to the already long list of ways to naturally support your body. With black pepper, it also takes care of your skin and hair, your immune system, your liver, or adds these oh-so-important antioxidants to your diet!


Rhodiola – Dosage 

How the Rhodiola Rosea should be used depends on the degree of standardization and the product you have. For the Rhodiola Rosea supplement by Biowen, it is recommended to take 1 capsule a day, with a meal. 


Rhodiola – Contraindications 

Like in the case of any other supplement or product, there may be certain contraindications against using the Rhodiola Rosea adaptogen by Biowen. First and foremost, it is not recommended that any supplements be combined with medications without informing and obtaining the approval of your attending physician. It is also important that pregnant and nursing women do not take any products or supplements containing Rhodiola rosea without medical consultation.

Ingredients 1 capsule
Rhodiola rosea 420 mg
of which 1% rosavins 4.2 mg
3% salidrosides 12.6 mg


black pepper fruit extract

1 mg
of which 95% piperine 0.95 mg


Storage conditions:

Store at room temperature out of the reach of small children, Protect from sunlight. Store in dry place. The dietary supplement should not be used as substitute for a varied diet. A varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are the basic for proper functioning of the body.

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