Biowen Coenzyme Q10 100 mg - 100 capsules

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Coenzyme Q10 – capsules:

  • 100 mg of coenzyme Q10, naturally fermented,
  • addition of cordial and pomegranate extracts,
  • pure composition, without unnecessary additives,
  • suitable for vegans and vegetarians,
  • supports the heart and cardiovascular and nervous systems,
  • net weight: 33 g.

Capacity: 100 capsules


Coenzyme Q10 – naturally fermented !

Coenzyme Q10 is a substance that naturally occurs and is produced in your body. It’s otherwise known as ubiquinone, and it’s what, among other things, is responsible for producing energy in our cells, protects us from free radical damage and supports cellular respiration. And all this is extremely important to keep our mitochondria healthy! Coenzyme Q10 in our body is in greatest demand where the most energy is used. So you can guess that it’s largely about muscles – including the heart muscle!

Coenzyme Q10 from Biowen comes in the form of ubiquinone. It is this form of coenzyme Q10, which occurs naturally in our bodies, that is responsible for the production of ATP – or fuel for the body’s cells.

Biowen’s coenzyme Q10 is enriched with natural extracts. Extract from the herb cordial and pomegranate. Heartwort has a whole host of valuable properties for our heart, such as strengthening it, making the vessels more flexible, and supporting the regulation of blood pressure. It also takes care of the nervous and respiratory systems!

The vegan coenzyme Q10 capsules from Biowen are enclosed in a glass jar with a steel cap. This way you don’t have to worry about harmful microplastics like BPA getting into the supplement. Packaging in the spirit of less waste doesn’t cause you to produce more plastic trash either!

Coenzyme Q10 Biowen – ingredients

Naturally fermented coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), extract from the herb of the common heartwort (Leonurus cardiaca) [DER 10:1], extract from pomegranate fruit, standardized for ellagic acid 40% [DER 10:1], inulin (chicory root), capsule casing: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

Coenzyme Q10 with cordial and pomegranate – properties of active substances.

Learn about the effects of the individual natural substances contained in the product of the Biowen brand – Coenzyme Q10 100 mg.

Coenzyme Q10 – a naturally occurring substance in the body

Coenzyme Q10 in the form of ubiquinone is a substance that naturally occurs in your body and is produced in it, in order to support the production of energy in body cells. It influences the production of ATP in cells and thus powers the mitochondria to work. It is also designed to protect cells from the effects of free radicals and supports cellular respiration.

Heartdefat – properties

Heartdefat, is a plant with many properties beneficial to health. Its action focuses on improving the functioning of various systems in the body.

First of all, cordial strengthens the heart, which has a positive effect on its work and efficiency. In addition, it helps to make blood vessels more flexible, which can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Importantly, cordial also takes care of the cardiovascular system as a whole, helping to normalize blood pressure and reduce the risk of hypertension.

In addition, cordial has been shown to have beneficial effects on the nervous system, reducing hyperactivity and may help relieve anxiety or nervous tension.

Heartwort also has a positive effect on the respiratory system, as it helps it to relax, which can be particularly beneficial in cases of respiratory problems, such as inflammation or asthma.

Pomegranate extract

Pomegranate is known as the fruit of love. It contains B vitamins, vitamin A, C and E, as well as beta-carotene. It also contains the valuable elements potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Recommended daily intake of Coenzyme Q10 Biowen

It is recommended to consume one capsule of the supplement daily and not to exceed the daily suggested serving.

The supplement is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

Storage conditions:

Store at room temperature out of the reach of small children, Protect from sunlight. Store in dry place. The dietary supplement should not be used as substitute for a varied diet. A varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are the basic for proper functioning of the body.

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